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Outline your Knowledge and Understanding of Jesus' Parables, focusing
on the theme of Mercy (35)

Literally, the word "parable" means `comparison' and a parable is often defined as figurative story or
saying. Parables were used by Jesus as metaphors by which he delivered a religious or moral
teaching. The Parables…

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reserved for the righteous but is what required and given solely to sinners who have been found and
returned to God's grace.

The elder brother's reaction to the return of the lost son is less welcoming and obviously a reflection
of the Pharisees and Teachers of the Law. He is…

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parable takes place in the Temple (a Lucan theme) and the Pharisee is described as "standing by
himself" this may reflect the separatism of the sect though some scholars have suggested that Luke's
Greek here indicates the focus of the passage and could mean "to/about himself". The Pharisee
begins his…


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