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perfect active participle

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Perfect Active Participle
They look the same as ppp's but they are used when
having been really does not make sense.
There is a list of verbs you have to learn, these are
called deponent verbs
Remember only the special group of deponent verbs
PAPs (translated as having done) all others have
PPPs (translated as having been......ed)
These verbs are listed below:
Conspicatus Having caught sight of
Locutus Having spoken, said
adeptus Having received, accepted
Ingressus Having entered
Egressus Having gone out
Regressus Having returned
adgressus Having gone to, arrived at
precatus Having prayed
passus Having suffered
Mortuus Having died
Suspicatus Having suspected
Hortatus Having encouraged
Moratus Having delayed
Profectus Having set out, proceeded
Progressus Having progressed
Secutus Having followed

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Diffisus Having distrusted
And remember all the endings can be changed to these.…read more


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