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Very concise; this is what I tried to memorise before the exam to help me remember wider points - this will only work if you already understand the ideas in a broader context. Much more detailed revision notes are also up here:

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Most agree God can't be proven, but actually not even probable
Logical Positivism = not the same as atheism or agnosticism
Atheism: tries to contradict insignificant statement ("there is a God") = insignificant
Agnosticism: doesn't deny that theism and atheism ask genuine questions = wrong
The mystic only…

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PreKant, two types of philosophical theology: scholastic (reason, faith and revelation
work together) + deistic (reason separate from faith and revelation)
Kernel = rational core of religion husk = religious doctrine, authority
Kant and Hume undermined the classical arguments for God's existence, also
undermining both forms of philosophical…


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