Paper 1A English Language GCSE

Just a few things to look for when analysing the media section, with an easy way to remember it! 
Also a few things to remember in the writing section- to make your language style sophisticated!
Good luck! 

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Races For Catts
R: Rhethorical
A: Anecdotal
C: Conclusion
E: Emotive
S: Sentence structure
F: Fact
O: Opinion
R: Repetition
C: Counter argument
A: Alliteration
T: Triplets
T: Tone
S: Second person
Then PAF: Purpose, audience, form.
For Writing go through A FOREST:
A: Anecdotes
F: Facts
O: Opinion
R: Rhetorical Questions
E: Examples and experts (make up)
S: Statistics
T: Triplets


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