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Explaining Motion
Velocity shows the speed and direction of travel
To work out the average speed on a curvy graph, you need to
draw a straight line from 0-the top point of the graph
Forces can come in an interaction pair this means they are equal in
size and opposite in direction
Reaction of the surface is when one force only occurs as a
response to another force
If a lorry and a car are travelling at the same speed, the Lorry
will have more momentum as it has a bigger mass
Crumple zones, seatbelts and air bags in cars help to stop the
change in momentum acting too fast
Driving Force: produced by the car engine
Counter Force: caused by friction and air resistance
The amount of Kinetic Energy depends on its mass and velocity
Gravitational Potential Energy is when you lift a ball, it gains GPE.
Whereas, if you dropped it, it would gain Kinetic Energy (as it was


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