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A resistor is a component that reduces the current flowing in a circuit.
The higher the resistance, the harder it is for electricity to flow, so therefore the lower the

If you get an electric shock, it's the current that causes damage, not the voltage, so the higher…

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transverse waves so you can see what's going on. You measure the amplitude from the
middle line to the crest (the top). NOT from the trough to the crest!
o Compressions are squashed together air particles in a wave.
o Rarefactions are spread out air particles in a wave.


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Background Radiation
Background radiation comes from many sources.

The background radiation we receive comes from:
a, Radioactivity of naturally occurring unstable isotopes which are all around us ­ in the air, in food, in
building materials and in rocks.
b, Radiation from space, which are known as cosmic rays. These…

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The advantage of irradiation over boiling is that it doesn't involve high temperatures so heat
sensitive things like thermometers and plastic instruments can be sterilised without damaging them.

Non-medical uses of radiation.
Tracers in industry.
Radioisotopes can be used to track the movement of waste materials, find he route of…


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