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Unit P3
1. Explain the `motor effect' and its application.
2. Explain the principle of electromagnetic induction.
3. Describe the uses of transformers and explain how they work.…read more

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Topic 1
Electric motor…read more

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Explain what is happening…read more

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How to make a wire move
You need: a wire connected to a power supply and a large
U-shaped magnet.
The wire will produce a
magnetic field when
the current passes
through it.
This magnetic field will
repel against the
magnetic field of the
magnet. This is what
makes the wire jump.…read more

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How does a motor work?
If the wire is coiled around and then placed in a magnetic
field then the coil would turn round and round. This is how
a motor works.…read more

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Topic 2
Generating Electrical
current…read more

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lisa linsdell


A really nice PP presentation on Electromagnetism and power stations. Useful for any exam board covering this topic. The animations help with understanding.

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