AQA P3 Revision

a P3 powerpoint using past paper questions ranging from 2 - 4 marks. Breaks down answers giving you a better understanding on the topic/question. General info on other topics covered by the spec including transformer calculations to LOADS of ray diagrams. :)

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Life Cycle of a Star
Th Exp
ga row losio Ne
si sd n u
nt u !
o s st
pa & Sta tron
ce r
of e co
th re
e s is
tar left…read more

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How chemical elements formed
Jun 08 ­ 3 marks combined…read more

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Jun 08 ­ 2 marks…read more

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Uses of satellites
Geostationary Low Polar Orbit
Communications ­ i.e. Telephones & TVs Spying & Weather reports
why? Because being high above the why? Because they can cover the Earth's
equator means they rotate with Earth surface very quickly everyday…read more

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230 75
32200 ?
(32200 x 75) ÷ 230
10,500…read more

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this is really helpfull-thanks

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