P3 - moments and levers

revision of moments and levers for P3 - hope it is helpful

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Moments (turning forces)
The moment of a force is the turning effect the force has around a pivot point (fulcrum).
The turning effect depends on the size of the force and the perpendicular distance from the
force to the pivot.
Leavers involve a load force, a pivot and a smaller effort force.
As the load is about to move the:
Anticlockwise moment = clockwise moment so:
A heavy load can be moved by a small effort force.
When more than one force acts on a system with a pivot the system will balance if the:
Anticlockwise moment = clockwise moment
What size weight would be needed to balance the beam?
Clockwise moment = 0.3 X 2 Anticlockwise moment = 0.4 X W
Clockwise moment = Anticlockwise moment
0.6 = 0.4 X W
W = 1.5N

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