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Convex or Converging Lenses
A convex or converging lens forms different
images depending on the position of the
The position of the image is found by drawing
two rays from the image and finding the
position where they cross.…read more

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Refracted Rays
Refracted rays obey three rules:
Any ray passing through the optical centre of the lens is
Any ray parallel to the principal axis is refracted through
the focal point.
Any ray passing through the focal point is refracted
parallel to the principal axis.…read more

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Converging (Convex) Lenses
A converging lens makes parallel rays converge
to a focus, where the point the parallel rays are
focused is the principal focus (or focal point) of
the lens.…read more

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Diverging (Concave) Lenses
A diverging lens makes parallel rays diverge
(spread out) , the point that the parallel rays
appear to originate from is the principal focus.…read more

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Diverging (Concave) Lenses
Concave mirrors real and virtual images:
· A real image is produced if the object is beyond the focal
point of the mirror.
· A virtual image is produced if the object is between the
mirror and the focal point.…read more

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