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Magnetic fields

Bar magnets

If several plotting compasses are placed around a bar
magnet the needles will line up as shown

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The compass needles line up with the lines of the magnetic

The same magnetic field is generated when a current is
passed through a coil of wire

The Earth's dynamo

When a coil moves in a
magnetic field, a current is produced in the coil
This is the principal…

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These electrical currents produce the Earth's magnetic
An electrical current is a flow of electrical charge
Moving electric charges can be thought of as having
electric currents
Since an electrical current has a magnetic field associated
with it, so moving electrical chargers have magnetic fields
associated with them


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Cosmic rays

Cosmic rays, mostly from the sun can
interact with Earth's magnetic field
As they spiral around they lose energy
causing coloured light ­ aurora borealis
(the Northern Lights)
Extreme concentration of cosmic rays can
disrupt the National Grid, supply of
electricity, and it's satellite

Cosmic rays are…

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Other stars
Supernova and their remnants
Distant galaxies

Cosmic ray particles are travelling very close to the speed
of light and have a lot of energy
The rays interact with Earth's magnetic field by spiralling
around the field lines

As a result there is a concentration of cosmic rats at…

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The moon

It is thought that two planet's collided

Then the heavier material forms the Earth (iron core)

And the lighter material forms a moon

Evidence for the origin of the Moon

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Earth has a large iron core but the Moon does not
This is because the iron in the Earth had already drained
into the core by the time the collision happened
The debris blown out for both Earth and the other planet
came from their iron-depleted mantles
The iron core…


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