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P2 ­ Rollercoaster Physics
Gravitational Potential
Work Done
of Energy
Electrical Energy
Kinetic Energy
Circular Motion…read more

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change in potential energy = mass × gravitational field strength × change in height
PE = m × g × h
The towers are 30m tall and the cars will be
1000Kg in mass. What will the Potential
energy be at the top of the tower?
A ski jumper waits
144m above
stadium. What
mass is she if her
potential energy is
An 80Kg man clears a 5m pole just.
What is his PE as he clears the pole
and when he lands on the mat
Gravitational Energy Calculator…read more

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kinetic energy = ½ × mass × (velocity) 2
Kinetic Energy KE = ½ mv 2
This is movement energy. The more kinetic energy an object has the faster it will
A Person(50Kg) ran the first part of a race
at a speed of 5m/s. They then walked the
last part at a speed of 2m/s. What is their
kinetic energy for both parts?
Both the truck and the bike were travelling at
the same speed. Which had the most kinetic
Problems of kinetic & potential…read more

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Conservation of Energy
Roller Coaster starts at top of hill stationary. It has
lots of stored potential Energy. As it starts to roll
the PE goes down and the KE goes up. At the
bottom of the hill the car has Max KE but no PE
Spot the mistake!
Why does the PE not go to zero?
Look at the link below and see the rollercoaster change energy
Watch the animation on right. Explain what is
happening in terms of conservation of energy
Funny Snowball
BBc Video on Conservation of Energy…read more

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How much electrical
energy has to be put
in to make you climb
the stairs
Grandad(50Kg) is
risen 10m up the
stairs. The voltage is
300V and the current
is 20A and it takes
1min to climb. What
is the electrical
How an Escalator works.
A 230 Volt mains
supply is connected to Why is the electrical
a 3 Amp electric fan energy used in the motor
for 5 minutes.
Calculated the is less than the potential
electrical energy. energy gained?
Israel Underground
An Electric motor…read more

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Work = Force x
Calculate: If a man
pushes a concrete
block 10 meters
with a force of 20
N, how much work
has he done?…read more

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