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Static Electricity

Some insulating materials can become charged when rubbed together. This is because negatively
charged electrons can move from one on to the other.

When you rub a duster and polythene together, the duster becomes positively charged, and the
polythene rod becomes negatively charged. This is because the negatively…

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Important points:

Certain insulating materials can become electrically charged when rubbed against each other. This is
because negative electrons move from one object to the other.

The object which the electrons have left from becomes positively charged while the object where
the electrons move to become negatively charged

When the…

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Static electricity can build up when two insulating materials are rubbed together. The friction moves
electrons from one material onto the other. This leaves a negative charge on one of the materials
and a positive charge on the other.

What charge do electrons have?


Describe how a plastic…


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