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Space project…read more

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Earth-moon system
The idea is that a large planet travelling really really fast
came and hit the earth breaking it up into smaller pieces
some of these pieces became the moon and some of
these pieces became the earth- the most of the iron went
to the earth.
Evidence - small iron core on the moon, similar surfaces
on both.…read more

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Solar flare
The sun releases solar flares that are made of gas and
Their magnetic fields can cause aurora borealis.
The larger solar flares can cause the earths satellites to
malfunction and can disrupted our electricity systems.
They travel pretty fast.…read more

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Solar system
The suns gravitational pull keeps all the planets
in orbit.
The solar system is a collection of planets orbiting
Earth a sun.
Mars The solar system is in a galaxy and stars, comets,
Jupiter meteors, black holes are all in the solar system.
Neptune…read more

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The earths satellite
The earths natural satellite is the moon.
Artificial satellites are unmanned
spaceships used for communication,
observations, weather, GPS, and other
The first artificial satellite was `Sputnik 1'
sent out by the soviet union.…read more

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A centripetal force is needed to keep an object in
a circular motion. As the sun pulls it in towards
the middle.
The sun creates the gravity that is needed for the
The earth doesn't orbit the sun in an exact circle its
more like a squished circle.…read more

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