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P2 Radiation and Life
Revision…read more

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Electromagnetic Spectrum…read more

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A beam of
c radiation
delivers energy
in `packets'
called photons…read more

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Ionising Radiation
Ionising radiation is able to break molecules into
bits called ions, which can then take part in other
chemical reactions
Radiation where the photons have enough energy
to knock electrons off the atom changing it into a…read more

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Non-ionising Radiation
· Can cause things to
heat up. The heating
effect of absorbed
radiation can damage
living cells
· This is due to it's
intensity and duration
of exposure.
· Low intensity
microwave radiation,
for example from
mobile phone hand…read more

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Some types of radiation are dangerous because
they "ionises" atoms ­ in other words, it turns
them into ions by "knocking off" electrons:
Ionisation causes cells in living tissue to mutate,
usually causing cancer. High doses can destroy…read more

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