P2 - Plugs and Cables Basics

the absolute basics you need to know about plugs and cables for aqa gcse physics 2, or additional science

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Plugs and Cables
There are two types of cables, either two core cables or three core cables. Appliances which are
made of metal have three core cables whilst appliances made with plastic usually have a two core
The brown cable is the live wire, the blue cable is the neutral wire and the green and yellow wire
found only in three core cables is the earth wire.
The brown live wire alternates between a high positive voltage and high negative voltage. The blue
neutral wire always stays at zero volts. The earth wire is there for safety. It works together with the
fuse to prevent electric shocks or fires (I will explain how in the next document).
You need to know the labelled diagram above. Make sure you know that the live wire is always on
the right and the neutral wire is always on the left whilst the earth wire is in the centre. There are
also some safety features such as:
The cable grip prevents the cables from being pulled out
The outer insulation prevents the electricity travelling outside of the plug. The outer
insulation is made of a tough plastic or rubber to insulate, as well as being flexible.


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