P2 (forces and motion equations) for AQA

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Forces and motion
Speed, distance and time
Velocity ­ A vector which has both speed and direction.
Speed = Distance ÷ Time
(Sammy's Dog Tickles)
Velocity= Displacement ÷ Time
Acceleration= Change in velocity÷ time taken
(m/s²) (m/s) (s)
(Apples Change Variety Today )
Resultant force- The forces added together.
An object with zero resultant force will stay stationary or move at a constant
An object with a resultant force will move towards the direction of the
resultant force.
An object with a resultant force will accelerate.
(Resultant) Force= Mass × Acceleration
(N) (Kg) (m/s²)
(Furry Masked Anchovy)
Air resistance- The higher the speed, the more air resistance

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