P2: Current Electricity (Circuits)

Here is a document for students taking AQA Additional Science. This document is about circuits and current electricity from the P2 (physics) section. I hope this helps you to revise! Please rate and comment on how to improve :) Also, I have a study gorup called AQA Additional SCience where we discuss topics such as this one and many more. Feel free to become a member, the more the merrier!

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P2: Current Electricity

These symbols must be known:

You must know what each of these components does:

Component Job

Switch A switch enables the current in
a circuit to be switched on or off
Cell A cell is necessary to push
electrons around a complete
Battery A battery…

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Resistor A fixed resistor limits the
current in a circuit
Variable Resistor A variable resistor allows the
current to be varied
Lamp An indicator is designed to emit
light as a signal when a current
passes through it or as a light
Fuse A fuse is designed to melt…

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Potential Difference and Current
The potential difference across a component in a circuit is
measured in volts (V) using a voltmeter connected in parallel
across the component.
The current flowing through a component in a circuit is measured
in amperes (A) using an ammeter connected in series.
Potential difference (V)…

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The current through
depends on its
resistance. The
greater the resistance the smaller the current for a given potential
difference across the component.
Series and Parallel Circuits
For components connected in series:
The total resistance is the sum of the resistance of each
There is the same…


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