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Physics 2 Revision


DistanceTime Graphs

The slope on a distancetime graph represents speed
Speed = distance
The unit for velocity is ms1

Velocity and acceleration

Velocity is speed in a given direction
The acceleration of an object is its change of velocity per second.
Acceleration = change in…

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Object at start Resultant force Effect on the object
1 At rest Zero Stays at rest
2 Moving Zero Velocity stays the same
3 Moving Nonzero in the same direction as the direction of motion Accelerates
of the object
4 Moving Nonzero in the opposite direction to the direction of…

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When an object is moved by a force work is done on the object by a force. The force transfers some
energy to the object.
Work done = energy transferred
Work done (J) = force (N) x distance moved in the direction of the force (m)
Work done to overcome…

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Electrical Charges

Charging by friction ­ some insulators become charged by rubbing them with a dry cloth
o Rubbing a polythene rod with a dry cloth makes the rod become negatively charged
o Rubbing a Perspex rod with a dry cloth makes the rod become positively charged.

Charge on the…

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Current Electricity

Electric Circuits

Symbols on Pg 170


Components in series have the same current going through them
The current through a resistor at constant temperature is directly proportional to the potential difference
across the resistor

More currentpotential difference graphs

See graphs on Pg 174

Series Circuits


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The case is made of an electrical insulator
o The inside of the case is shaped so that none of the wires come into contact with each other and
that the pins don't touch either
The plug contains a fuse between the live pin and wire
o The fuse melts…

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o When an unstable nucleus emits a beta particle the atomic number goes up by 1 but the mass
stays the same.
o It is uncharged and it has no mass
o It is an electromagnetic wave

The discovery of the nucleus

The `plum pudding' model (1914)
o The…

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Nuclear Fusion

Two nuclei release energy when they are fused together to form one larger nucleus
The two nuclei are positively charged so they will repel each other
o If they are moving fast enough they can fuse together
The process requires a lot of energy but when they are…


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