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Physics 2a
Forces and Their Effects…read more

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Velocity and Distance-time Graphs
· Speed how fast you're going
· Velocity how fast you're going AND a direction specified
Steepening curve= acceleration
Levelling off curve= deceleration
(vertical divided by horizontal
= gradient/speed)…read more

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Acceleration and Velocity-Time Graphs
· Acceleration how quickly velocity is changing
acceleration (m/s2)= change in velocity divided by time taken
Example: If a mouse accelerates from 2m/s to 6m/s in 5.6s
6-2 =4 divided by 5.6 = 0.71 m/s2
Vertical change divided by horizontal change
= gradient/acceleration…read more

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Weight, Mass and Gravity
· Gravitational force= force of attraction between all masses
· ^This gives everything a weight
· Mass amount of `stuff' in an object (measured in kg with a mass balance)
· Weight a force (measured in N using a newton metre)
Weight (N)= mass (kg) x gravitational field strength (N/kg)
· On Earth, g=10 N/kg
· On the Moon, g= approx. 1.6 N/kg…read more

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Resultant Forces
· Resultant force overall force on a point or object
· The overall effect will decide whether it accelerates, decelerates or
stays at a steady speed
· If there is a resultant force, there will also be a change in velocity
·The resultant force= 100N-60N
= 40N to the right
·The truck's velocity will change…read more

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Forces and Acceleration
· An object needs a force to start moving, so if the resultant force on a
stationary object is 0, the object will remain stationary
· No resultant force means= no change in velocity
· So, to keep a steady speed, the forces must be balanced which
means there must be no resultant force
· A resultant force= acceleration
· ^This `acceleration' can take 5 different forms: starting, stopping,
slowing down, speeding up and changing direction…read more

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