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1.1 Thermal Radiation

Thermal or heat radiation is the transfer of energy by infra-red waves.
Thermal radiation is energy transfer by electromagnetic waves.
All objects emit thermal radiation.
The hotter an object, the more thermal radiation it emits.
Heat radiation can travel through a vacuum.

1.2 Surfaces and Radiation…

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1) Name 3 types of heat transfer.
2) Which type of heat transfer occurs mainly in solids?
3) How are convection currents set up in fluids?
4) Describe the process of heat transfer through a metal.
5) What factors affect the amount of heat radiated by a body?

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2.2 Conservation of Energy

Energy can be transferred from one place to another.
The total amount of energy is always the same (this is the conservation of energy).
E.G. when an object falls, GP (gravitational potential energy) is transformed into
kinetic energy.

2.3 Useful Energy

Useful energy is energy in…

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Making objects move (using an electric motor)
Creating sounds and visual images.

2.6 Electrical Power

The power of a device is the rate at which it transforms energy.
The power of a device is measured in Watts (W)
1 Kilowatt (kW) = 1000 Watts.

2.7 Using electrical Energy

A Kilowatt-hour…

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Water heated Steam turns the turbine Rotates the generators
Heat comes from burning a fuel such as a fossil fuel; or hot gases drive the turbine
Uranium or Plutonium is used in a nuclear power station
Fission happens which produces a lot of heat turning the water into…

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Gas power stations can be Production of CO2, a greenhouse
started up quickly to deal with gas.
sudden demand. Production of SO2, causing acid
Nuclear No production of polluting gases. Non-renewable.
Reliable. Produces nuclear waste, which is
difficult to dispose of safely.
Risk of big accident, such as

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7) Why is geothermal energy economically unviable in most places?
8) What colour are solar heating panels usually painted?


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