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Heat transfer
In which direction does heat move?
"Heat energy always
moves from w______
ooler areas."
to c_____…read more

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When you heat a non metal strip at one end, the
heat travels to the other end.
As you heat the non metal, the particles vibrate, these
vibrations make the adjacent particles vibrate, and so on
and so on, the vibrations are passed along the strip and so
is the heat. We call this? Conduction…read more

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Metals have free electrons
The outer e_______
lectrons for metal
atoms drift, and are free to move.
When the metal is
heated, this `Sea of
electrons' gain k_____
energy and transfer it
throughout the metal.
Insulators, such as w___
ood and p____,
lastic do not
have this `Sea of electrons' which is why they
do not conduct heat as well as metals.…read more

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Why does metal feel colder than wood, if they
are both at the same temperature?
Metal is a conductor, wood is an insulator. The
metal conducts the heat away from your hands, the
wood does not conduct the heat away from your
hands as well as the metal, so the wood feels
warmer than the metal.…read more

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Air is a poor conductor - insulating layers of air
Uses of a trapped insulating layer of air are-
Cavity walls
Ceiling tiles
Fur coats Wallpaper…read more

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