P1 OCR 21st Century Science GCSE Revision Domino Cards Mark Sheet

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"P1 OCR 21st Century Science GCSE Revision Domino Cards"

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300,000 300 Million Years ago
Small particles of dust / small Stars are initial
rocks that burn up as they enter
our atmosphere formed from...
Order for small stars: Cloud, pro
Pangaea 10cm Per Year Dust and gas clouds stable star, red giant and
Sea floor spreads... Magma rises up through the seas White Dwarf For big stars, after a supernova,
a neutron star or _____ for
floor and solidifies
Roughly symmetrical
underwater mountains are Alfred Wegner came up with... Black Hole The sun is ____
formed when... from Earth
Sedimentary rock forms The time (in mins) it take
Continental drift 15 Million light from the sun to re
Particles that are eroded for
rock settle as sediment and get The crust is around 8 Redshift hotter stars
crushed together ____ km thick
20 The mantle can... More red in their spectrum James Hutton came
Flow very slowly although it has The atmosphere is... The idea that the Earth had once Example of data
all the properties of a solid been very different
15 km thick The solar system is... Collecting rock samples What are some problems c
by volcanoes?
Around 5 billion years old The Earth/ solar system Damage to habitats, loss of What are some solution
are at least... human life etc earthquakes?
A third of India's lan
4.6 Billion years old The sun's diameter is____ Better construction methods and
surface is covered in bas
times bigger than Earth's warning systems etc
It must have come from molten
100 Planets orbits' around rocks therefore there was a
Example of an explanat
the sun are... super volcano
Slightly elongated Comet's orbits are... Older rocks are usually Red shift shows us th
circles deeper

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