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1. Heat Transfer

· Thermal radiation = infra-red radiation (beyond red part of visible spectrum)
· Surface of sun is 5500 degrees.
· Greenhouse effect is the idea that the earth is a greenhouse, and the
atmosphere is glass that stops substances exiting or entering.

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· Useful energy transferred to where it is wanted.
· Wasted energy is not used.
· Wasted energy spreads out to the surroundings, e.g. as heat
· Weight is measured in newtons (N).
· Efficiency = useful energy transferred
Total energy supplied
· We can show energy transferral as a…

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o They produce greenhouse gases
o They're non renewable
o Produce sulfur dioxide = acid rain
· Although renewable is better, it can take up space, need large areas of
land, not look particularly good, and not produce as much energy as fossil

5. Electromagnetic Waves

· Energy transferred…

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6. Radioactivity

· A Geiger Counter can be used to detect radioactivity.
· Marie Curie first was able to describe the new property of uranium as
· Alpha = stopped by paper
· Beta = went through it.
· Gamma was discovered later ­ it is more penetrating than…



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