P1.2 Using energy

This covers:

2.1 Forms of energy

2.2 Conservation of energy

2.3 Useful energy

2.4 Energy and efficiency

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P1.2 Using energy
2.1 Forms of energy
Different types of energy is known as forms
Examples of forms of energy are chemical energy, kinetic energy, gravitational potential
energy and electrical energy
Chemical energy­ energy acquired from a fuel (e.g food or coal)
Kinetic energy­ the energy of a moving object
Gravitational potential energy­ energy of an object due to its position
Electrical energy­ energy that is transferred by an electric current
2.2 Conservation of energy
The law essentially states:
"energy cannot be created nor destroyed but can only be transferred to other forms"
For example, if a light was to be turned on its energy transfer would look similar to this:
Chemical energy electrical energy light energy + heat energy
2.3 Useful energy
Useful energyis energy that is transferred to where it is wanted and in the form it is
Wasted energy is energy that is not usefully transferred
Wasted energy is spread to the surroundings, followed by the useful energy too so energy
becomes less useful the more it is spread out
2.4 Energy and efficiency
The efficiency of a device is determined by how much useful energy it harnesses. No machine can
be 100% efficient because we can never get more energy back out of a machine than we put into
Efficieny = useful energy transferred by the device
total energy supplied to the device x100


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