Ovid - Amores 3.2 - Notes on Ovid, the Girl & the Circus Maximus

A Microsoft Word document of notes concerning Ovid, the girl/his mistress and the Circus Maximus in Ovid's Amores 3.2. Suitable for use with OCR AS Latin Literature or Classics. Please give an honest rating!

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Amores (3.2) Ovid, the Girl and the Circus Maximus
He is not interested in the chariot racing ­ `non ego nobilium sedeo studiosus equorum' (`I am
not sitting here keen on thoroughbred horses')
He is trying to win his mistress' favour ­ `cui tamen ipsa faves, vincat ut ille,…

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He is straight to the point ­ `Hoc satis est, alio cetera redde loco' (`That is enough now, give
me the rest in another place').

The Girl:
She enjoys the races ­ `tu cursus spectas' (`You are watching the races')
She cares about the racer ­ `ergo ille curae contigit…

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There were numerous statues of gods ­ Victoria, Neptune, Mars, Apollo, Diana, Minerva,
Ceres, Bacchus, Pollux, Castor and Venus
There were people of varied occupations there ­ sailors, soldiers, seers, hunters, craftsmen,
farmers, horsemen and boxers
There were gratings in front of them ­ `cancellis primos inseruisse pedes' (`insert the…


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