Ovid - Amores 3.2 - Full Translation

I study AS Latin and this is my translation, which has been checked by my teacher. Please rate honestly! A thank you is always nice too :)

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Ovid ­ Amores 3.2 ­ Latin Translation ­ HB
(1) I am not sitting here keen on thoroughbred horses;
(2) I pray that the man, whom you yourself still favour, wins.
(3) I came in order to speak with you, to sit with you,
(4) So that my love for you, which you cause, is known to you.
(5) You are watching the races, I am watching you; let each of us watch
(6) What we like and let each feast his own eyes.
(7) Oh, lucky driver of horses, whom you favour!
(8) So, has he happened to be of concern to you?
(9) I wish this would happen to me, I will stand over the horses having been sent from the
(10) Sacred starting gate to be carried along with a brave spirit,
(11) And at one time I shall relax the reins, at another time I shall mark their backs with a whip.
(12) Now I shall graze the meta with my inner wheel.
(13) If you are caught sight of by me as I am racing, I shall delay,
(14) And the reins, having been released, shall slip through my hands.
(15) Ah! How nearly People fell by the spear of Oenomaus
(16) While he looked at your face, Hippodamia!
(17) But of course he won by the favour of his girl nonetheless.
(18) May we each be victorious by the favour of his mistress!
(19) Why do you recoil in vain? The string forces us to be close.
(20) The Circus has these advantages in the rules of this place ­
(21) But you on the right, whoever you are, have consideration for my girl;
(22) She is being hurt by the contact with your side.
(23) You also, who is watching behind us, if you have any decency, draw back your legs
(24) And do not press on her back with your hard knees!
(25) But your dress has slipped too far and is lying on the ground.
(26) Gather it up ­ or look, I am lifting it up with my fingers!
(27) You were a jealous dress, which was protecting such nice legs;
(28) And the more you look ­ you were a jealous dress!
(29) Just like the legs of fleet-footed Atalanta which Milanion
(30) Longed to hold with his hands.
(31) Such legs of Diana are painted, her skirt tucked up
(32) When she pursues the fierce wild beasts, herself fiercer.
(33) I blazed when I could not see them; what will happen because of them?
(34) You are pouring flames into flame, water into the sea.
(35) From them I suspect that the rest might also be pleasing,
(36) Which lie hidden, well-concealed under your thin dress.
(37) But in the meantime would you like to summon the gentle breezes,
(38) Which the fan will make, moved by my hand?
(39) Or perhaps this seething heat is of my mind, not of the air,
(40) And the love of a woman is burning my taken heart?
(41) While I spoke, your white dress was sprinkled with light dust for you.
(42) Go, filthy dust, from her snowy body!

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But now the procession comes ­ show support with voices and minds!
(44) The time for clapping is here ­ the golden procession comes.
(45) First in position, Victory is carried out with outstretched wings ­
(46) Come here, goddess, and make this love of mine win!
(47) Clap for Neptune, you who trust the waves too much!
(48) I have nothing to do with the open sea; my country captivates me.…read more


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