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Outline and Explain Interactionist Views on Crime and Deviance
[50 Marks]

Pease (1994) said, `Crime comprises those actions which are deemed so damaging to
the interest of the community that the state determines that it must take a direct
role in identifying and acting against the criminal.' Downes…

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-both in the past and the present- are interpreted by others; all their other qualities
become unimportant. Cooley described the way we see ourselves as the `looking-glass
self', meaning that we build a picture of ourselves based on others think of us, and
that is what we see…

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Many criticisms of interactionism come from a Marxist perspective. Taylor,
Walton and Young (1973) suggested that it ignores the role of power in the creation
of laws; it does not have a coherent theory of power as it fails to explain why some
groups have more power than…


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