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Outline and evaluate two or more social psychological theories of aggression.

Deindividuation theory is a social psychological explanation of aggression. It explains how rational
individuals can become aggressive hooligans in a mob or crowd as it suggests that losing their sense
of identity and self awareness deindividuates people. Individuals in…

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In the replication of Milgram's study, ethical issues included deception, and lack of informed consent,
as the participant was not told the true nature of the study and so had to be deceived. The
participants right to withdraw was also an issue as it was made to seem that they…

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Research evidence supporting Social Learning Theory comes from Bandura Bobo doll experiment
where children were shown various scenarios involving aggressive behaviour to a Bobo doll by a
model. He found that children in the aggressive condition showed more verbal and physical
aggression. Bandura concluded that the chances of aggressive acts…


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