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Outline and Evaluate the Working Memory Model
Baddeley, 2000, devised the idea of a working memory model, as an improvement on the existing
Multi-store memory model. The working memory model re-formulates the structure of short term
memory and argues that its purpose is not just to store information and pass it to the long term
memory; but instead it is the source of our conscious thinking processes. It is a system that allows us
to manipulate information, not just store it before passing it on.…read more

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Evidence for the central executive can be found in the studies by Baddeley 1996. There has been
less research in this area, although Baddeley investigated the selective attention and switching
retrieval aspects of the central executive. This study, again, uses the dual task experiment. Baddeley
asked participants to create random strings of digits by pressing numbered keys on a keyboard.
Participants had to avoid any possible pattern emerging.…read more


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