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"Outline and Evaluate the Learning Theory of Attachment"

Learning Theory argues that attachment is learned rather than innate. There are three main types
of attachment behaviours in Learning Theory, which are Classic Conditioning, Operant Conditioning,
and Learning by Observation and Imitation (Social Learning Theory). Classical Conditioning was first
notice by…

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theories on whether their ideas could be applied to human behaviours, and attachments. Their
experiment was very reliable as Skinner and Thorndike did many repeats and controlled variables in
their experiment. Although some may argue that they didn't control enough variables, such as one
box may have had a slightly…

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we be placing more emphasis on comforting rewards, such as social releasers like cuddling, or
kissing, rather than food?

There are many ethical and methodical issues with all of these studies and research. Is it ethical to
strike a gong behind a toddler for no real reason apart from that…


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