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Outline and evaluate one or more psychological exlpanations for Schizophrenia.

One psychological explanation for Schizophrenia (Sz) is the cognitive model. Sz according to the
cognitive model suggests that faulty thought processes are linked to many schizophrenic symptoms,
such as hallucinations and disordered thinking, which suggest a cognitive input. This explanation…

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Therefore we cannot generalise any animal research findings to humans and at the very least we
need to verify these animal findings with findings from human studies.

We can also argue that cognitive explanations of Sz, such as Frith's model are too reductionist in that
they fail to take into…

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The psychodynamic approach does not offer effective treatments. In general, psychodynamic
treatments aim of find childhood conflicts however; this is no relevant for Sz. Comer found that
psychodynamic therapy for Sz has generally proved to be unsuccessful which suggests that the
psychodynamic explanation for Sz is not accurate. Recent research…


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