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Outline and Assess the View that the Law Operates to Serve the

Ruling Class (50 marks)
Pease (1994) said, `Crime comprises those actions which are deemed so damaging to
the interest of the community that the state determines that it must take a direct role
in identifying and…

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and a number of financiers all with well paid jobs and high status, these individuals
worked together to manipulate the stock market in order to inflate Guinness shares
causing a surge of investment that was let down by the realistic value of the shares.
The four criminals were…

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society has discarded them they no longer need to be represented in the law and so
the law fails to serve their needs as it is seen as unnecessary. An example of the
effects of this in society is the London Riots, the rioters were mainly working class…

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`hug a hoodie' and went for a tougher approach bringing in new harsher policies. As
the Prime Minister was making these decisions it will have had an adverse affect on
society and stereotyping all working class youths as criminals. By scapegoating,
shifting the blame onto one group, the…


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