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Outline and Assess Feminist Explanations of Crime and Deviance,
Include Links Between Gender and Crime [50 Marks]

Pease (1994) said, `Crime comprises those actions which are deemed so damaging to the
interest of the community that the state determines that it must take a direct role in

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domestic roles gave them the opportunity to hide crimes such as poisoning relatives and
sexually abusing their children.

Pollak argued that the reason why females are often underrepresented in
statistics could relate to a concept known as chivalry. Police, magistrates and other law
enforcers tend to be men…

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However she also found that women were more likely than men to be put on probation
for some offences.

However, Box (1981) who reviewed the data from self-report studies in Britain
and USA questions the validity of the chivalry thesis. He concluded that `the weight of
evidence on…

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live in a commune were all regarded by courts as lacking in respectability and therefore
credibility. Walklate agrees with Smart that rape trials continue to see things from the
male point of view, which accepts that men become unable to restrain their sexual
desires once women give them…

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the view that criminal behaviour becomes more likely when society's mechanisms of
social control break down.

Like Carlen, Heidensohn (1985) uses control theory as the basis to her
explanation of why women do commit fewer crimes than men. She argues that male
dominated patriarchal societies control women more…

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masculinity. Men's position in society provides differential access to power and
resources, which leads to different constructions and expressions of masculinity, which
also leads to different types of crime.

Messerschmitt refers to the dominant form of masculinity as hegemonic
masculinity. It is the idealised form, which is defined…

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reject the statistics and give explanations as to why female criminality is
under-represented. Yet, all these theories are becoming out-dated, as the equality
between men and women has been rising rapidly in recent years and so it may be that
the gender differences in rates of offending, punishment…


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