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Out of town
Shopping Centre…read more

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Meadowhall near Sheffield
·Large out-of-town shopping
centre developed on outskirts of
·Built in late 1980s as a
response to lack of shopping
provision in the area
·Constructed on a brown field
site (formerly steelworks)
·Access to shopping centre is
excellent and is close to several
large urban areas
·9 million people live within an
hours drive of the centre…read more

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Why this location?
·Room for expansion and for
providing large free car parks
(old brown field site)
·Rates & rents are lower than
in city centre (shops can be
·Near to suburban housing
(labour force)
·Near a number of motorway
intersections, great accessibility
(M1/A roads)…read more

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Main characteristics
·Bright and modern with many
·Leisure centre
·Crèche and attractions for children
·Large variety of shops
·Free car parks 12,000 spaces
·Under-cover shopping (not
affected by weather conditions)
·Supertram link with city centre
·2 new railway stations built…read more

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Impact on Sheffield
· Many shops moved out
· Takings have been down for some
shops by 25%
· Shops in city centre have closed down
as they're attracted to new, cheaper
and better locations in Meadowhall
· Empty shops are targeted by graffiti
and make the city centre unattractive
· New traders are not attracted to the
city centre and the vicious circle
· Overall a decline in retailing and
environment in the city centre
· Negative social impact particularly on
the elderly who don't want to travel
out of town so don't receive the
benefits of Meadowhall. ·Sheffield town centre fell from being among
· Poorest people also affected from the the top 10 most important non-food shopping
increase in cost of getting to shops. centres in Britain in 1984 to 30th recently.…read more


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