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By Maddy Lynn…read more

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What is the Metro Centre?
· The largest indoor shopping centre in
Western Europe
· Contains over 342 shops, including big
names like Marks and Spencers and
· Has leisure facilities such as bowling and
the cinema.…read more

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Where is the Metro Centre?
· Located in the North East of England in
Gateshead, by the A1
Metro centre…read more

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When and Why was it built?
· Built in 1986, and consists of four malls.
· It was funded by the Church of England
Commissioners and has its own church.
· It was built to provide out of town
shopping services, and has good transport
links with buses, trains as well as the A1.
· Provides jobs to the North East area.…read more

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Effects on the Surrounding Area
· For a while, Newcastle's CBD did not have
leisure facilities such as the cinema,
therefore people would rather travel to the
Metro Centre to receive the full package.
· Contributes to urban sprawl as people will
consequently move to area near the metro
centre for easy access.…read more




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