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· Daughter of senator Brabantio.
· Secretly Married to Othello (A general of the armies in
Venice and a well respected figure throughout Venice).
· Portrayed as pure and innocent by Shakespeare.
· Youthful…read more

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The extreme emphasis and maintenance of Desdemona's Innocence
and purity throughout the play is to consolidate Iago's villainy.
(discussing infidelity)
"No, by this heavenly
light!" ­ Desdemona
As... if Desdemona showed any
trace of impurity, we then would
perhaps condone Iago's
behaviour as an audience.…read more

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Although she is painted painfully pure,
innocent and loyal, she does occasionally
show traces of potential flaws.
However, naivety could only be one
explanation for it and her lack of
One obvious flaw is indeed awareness and attempt of prevention
her extreme naivety and could be down to her conformist nature
lack of awareness for as a woman of this period of female
goings on around her. objectification and therefore does not
speak up for herself, unlike fellow
female character Emilia. She could be
argued to be weak and submissive
"What Michael Cassio
"Obedient, Very obedient"
That came a ­ wooing with
­ Othello 4.1.
- Desdemona 3.3…read more

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She did deceive her father...
Desdemona can actually be seen to "Look to her, Moor, if thou hast eyes to
defy conventions somewhat when she see.
She has deceived her father, and may
keeps her relationship and marriage thee." ­ Brabantio
with Othello from him ...and
essentially chooses Othello over him..
So...Is she really all that and a bag of chips?…read more

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Desdemona is evidently aware that Othello clearly has intentions of
killing her ("talk you of killing?" 5.2) However, her devotion and loyalty
for Othello again prevails as she appears prepared to die at the hands of
this man ("Then, heaven, Have mercy on me!" 5.2).
So the way in
Shakespeare is
emphasising it
Here she is proving to be submissive, so much and
fitting the social stereotype of a aided by how
woman of this time period. loyal and
innocent she is
portrayed is
perhaps a social
comment that
women should
be treated with
more respect…read more


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