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(East politics)…read more

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Willy Brandt
· Born in 1913
· Joined the SPD in 1930
· 1933 - Left Germany for Norway to escape Nazi
· 1957-66 Mayor of West Berlin
· 1969 ­ First SPD chancellor of West Germany
· 1971 ­ Won the Nobel peace prize for
developing relations with the GDR and the
Eastern Bloc…read more

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Hallstein Doctrine
· The Hallstein doctrine was a key principle in the
FRG's foreign policy ­ Under Adenaur and the
CDU/CSU government
· The doctrine gives the FRG the right to
represent all of Germany ­ and refusing to
acknowledge the GDR.
· The doctrine challenged the legitimacy of the
GDR ­ referring to it as a `zone' rather than a
state…read more

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Brandt and Ostpolitik
· It wasn't until 1972 that both the FRG and the
GDR recognised each other as states
· Instead of Adenaur's policy of working with
America and the West, Brandt wanted to
improve relations with the GDR and the Eastern
· Ostpolitik aimed to develop relations between
the two German states with a policy of
· Brandt believed that this new foreign policy
would ultimately undermine East Germany and
result in a reunified German country…read more

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Ostpolitik Cont...
· Brandt's policy of Ostpolitik caused much
amongst many of the CDU and even some
of the SPD
· In March 1970 Brandt met with Willi Stoph
(leader of the GDR's council of ministers)
to discuss relation between the two states
· Brandt's arrival was met with much
enthusiasm by the East German public…read more

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Agreement under Ostpolitik
· Treaty of Moscow 1970 ­ the FRG and the
USSR had no territorial claim over each other
· Treaty of Warsaw 1970 ­ The FRG agreed to
respect Poland's Western border with the GDR
· The Four power treaty 1971 ­ The GDR would
allow access to West Berlin
· The Basic treaty 1972 ­ Both states agreed to
recognise each other and settle any differences
without the use of force…read more

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