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Osmotic Lysis…read more

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This is a bacteria cell that has
invaded the body. It is causing a
person to feel ill so they go to the
doctors and are prescribed with
antibiotics to kill the bacteria. The Cytoplasm
antibiotics work through a Cell wall
process called osmotic lysis. Flagellum
Nuclear material Cell membrane…read more

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The antibiotics are taken by the
patient and the bacteria is now
exposed to antibiotics.
The antibiotics work by inhibiting
the cell from producing the
enzyme that creates the
crosslinks in the cell wall.…read more

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Cell wall
The cell wall of the bacteria cell is
made of peptidoglycan which
needs to be held together by Peptidoglycan
crosslinks to form a strong
Cell wall Cell membrane
Beneath the cell wall is the
cell/plasma membrane that
contains a phospholipid bilayer
with proteins in that enable the
transport of molecules in and
outside of the cell including
water. These layers regulate the
volume of water entering and
exiting the cell so that the
bacteria remains in tact.…read more

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Cell Division
The bacteria cell divides but as
there is the antibiotic present,
this inhibits the bacteria from
producing the enzyme that
provides cross links.
Consequently, the cell wall of the
new bacteria cell doesn't have
crosslinks to provide the strong
This is what the cell wall will look
like without the crosslinks...…read more

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Water can now enter the bacteria
as the weakened walls mean that
the cell cannot withstand
pressure.…read more

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