Origins of the World - Science and Christianity

I just made this table about how the world began, and thought it may be useful to someone else.

Don't get your hopes up, its not that great...

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Origins of the World?
RELIGION ­ Big Bang Theory SCIENCE ­ Creation
THEORY: The Big Bang theory states that the whole universe was THEORY: God created the world
compressed into an ultra dense tiny particle that inexplicably started in seven days:
to expand at a terrific rate. Day 1: light, day and night
Gradually, as the heat energy decreased, atoms and gases began to Day 2: sky
react with each other, forming planets and stars. It is still expanding Day 3: land, sea and vegetation
today. Day 4: sun, moon and stars
Day 5: sea creatures and birds
Day 6: animals and humans
Day 7: REST!
Background radiation can be detected in space that seems to In most countries, Sunday Scientific theories
be left over from the Big Bang. is a day of rest, like in the Where did God come from?
story. Light was created on the
The Earth is so complex, first day, yet the sun was
someone must have created on the fourth day.
designed and created it
(i.e. God)

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It has been around for so
many years, so it is part of
Christianity, therefore it
wouldn't be right to just
discard it.
It gives believers evidence
of God's existence, and a
reason why the world was
However many Christians view the
story as just that, a story ­
written in the absence of science,
when people had no other
explanation. They use it for
teaching purposes, unlike
Creationists, who take the story
literally.…read more


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