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Organised crime

Organised crime


Organisational Families, clans Families, hierarchies,
Type individuals, temporary
But within these there are hierarchy
groups, networks
structures which people that make the main
decisions being at the top and they are abided These in general are loose
by the people lower down the hierarchy.…

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usually in the absence of an effective state networks and groups of
machine able to perform these functions individuals who have 'gone
into business' for some
specific purpose such as
drugs trafficking, Illegal good
distribution or acquirement,
loansharking or Human
trafficking. But organised
crime can still take part in all…

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Environment Weak state, lack of alternative social strong states, robust social
Which It Takes organisation. organisation

Extent of Local and community based or at most These organisations have a
Activities National. E.g. the traditional Italian Mafia global reach so their
activities are carried out

Traditional organised crime is…

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'Godfather.' figure Criminals will be therefore be most concerned to maintain clandestine,
unobtrusive lifestyles.


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