Organisation of the education system

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The education system was set up in 1945.
Consisted of 3 types of schools ­ Grammar, Secondary
Moderns + Technical.
Intended to be equal for all ­ but favoured middle class
Popular with many parents.
In most of Britain ­ was changed to comprehensive schools in
Grammar Schools
All children sat the 11+ test ­ Results determined which school
the child would be allocated to.
Most academic ­ Grammar Schools
Less academic ­ Secondary Modern Schools
Only those who attended Grammar Schools could sit exams +
go to college.
Secondary moderns schools taught subjects like needlework +
Comprehensive Schools
1965, an unpopular Labour government decided that
Education authorities should prepare for Comprehensive
Teaching children of all abilities in a single school.
Some areas accepted this, whilst other did not ­ that is why
some Grammar schools still exist today.

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The New Right
1979, Margaret Thatcher took power. Conservative
This government identified with a set of beliefs called The New
Believes that no rules are need for society because economic
factors can be relied on.
This impacted schools ­ the New Right believed the schools
could only improve if they were encouraged to be competitive
with each other ­ for pupils.…read more


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