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Organic chemistry
- 1ary alcohol= -OH group on a carbon bonded to 1 other carbon; 2ary = -OH group on a carbon
bonded to 2 other carbons; etc
- Less volatile than corresponding hydrocarbons due to H-bonds

- Combustion: Burn with clean, colourless flame: 2CH3OH(l) + 3O2(g) 2CO2(g)…

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- Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) are very unreactive and are greenhouse gases
- Structure: same as an alkane molecule with one or more hydrogens replaced with halogen atom
-Most are immiscible with water and are
liquids at rtp
-Boiling points increase as London forces
increase with chain length and number of…

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Other reactions
- 1ary halogenoalkane with dilute aqueous alkali (e.g. NaOH- HO can act as base when heated) at
low temperature: substitution reaction to form alcohol- halide ions can then be tested for with silver
nitrate so it is a test for halogenoalkanes
- 3ary halogenoalkane (more carbons surrounding it…


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