Options for the future; Employment Unit 3 Decisions Exam Benefits and Drawbacks.

Options for the future; Employment Unit 3 Decisions Exam. Benefits and Drawbacks. Hope it will help :) Please rate 5 ;)

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Options for employment
Option D Develop an environmental "brand" for tourism
No congestion and pollution created from business development.
Do not need to supply seafood for "food trail" which will mean less fish caught and
more opportunity for fish stocks to replenish.
The quality of the environment is already very good meaning that it can be advertised
If Marine reserves are set up it promotes environmental brand and gives the
opportunity to improve the economy through ecotourism e.g. opportunities for
North 58 companies to be set up or grow.
Creates jobs in ecotourism.
More second homes will be purchased by tourists as a result and this will mean that
house prices may become too high for locals and they may migrate to other areas
which will lead to depopulation.
Ecotourism also creates pollution because the region is in a very remote area
therefore supplies brought in for tourist will have to travel long distances and it will
create CO2 emissions.
Little diversity of employment will mean an unsuccessful economy and no change
from primary sectors to more secondary, tertiary or quaternary sectors and this
means wages will still be low.
Eco tourism jobs are part-time and seasonal meaning they are low wage and they will
be low wage.
A cycle of growth will not be created from better infrastructure and a business
development zone.
Economic benefits of a possible "food hotspot" will be neglected.
Option E Rebrand the region as a "food hotspot."
Investment in farming industry will mean more jobs created.
It will also mean that there will be more full time jobs because of a larger
customer base created from the food hotspot.
More crops and cattle can be grown because they will have the demand of
people visiting there to eat. This will mean a greater income.
Investment in whisky industry will mean that whisky can be promoted better to
different markets and more whisky can be produced and this will mean a greater

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With an established food hotspot better hotels will locate there and not only will
there be more tourists but tourists will spend more when they get there.
Secondary industry will employ more people and there will be more managerial
positions because of increased demand from food processing industry.
There will be increased pressures on fish stocks to provide seafood and fish
stocks may be reduced to a point of no return.
More tourists will mean increased air and water pollution.…read more

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Better infrastructure will mean increased air and water pollution and increased
More tourists will mean increased air and water pollution.
More tourists will mean that there will be more part-time seasonal jobs which are
low wage.
More tourists may also mean more purchases of second homes which drives house
prices up and alienates locals because they cannot afford the higher prices.
The region will lose some of its environmental ecotourism appeal and this is an
important industry growing 5% each year.…read more


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