Options for Fishing Industry Adv. and Disadv.Unit 3 Making Geographical Decisions

GCSE Edexcel Unit 3 Making Geographical Decisions. Includes advantages and disadvantages for the 3 fishing industry options. Hope it helps ! :)

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Options for the future
Option A Invest more in the fishing industry

In the short term income will be boosted through the increased collection and sale
of fish.
Through larger long distance trawlers fish can be caught in the seas around other EU
member states, more fish and more…

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species such as mackerel and herring. Such fish are declining shown on page 9 (figure
9) which shows the amount of pelagic fish brought in by UK fishing at Fraseburgh has
dropped from 1996 to 2008 by approximately 8 tonnes. This option is the most
suitable for the region because…

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Option C No change allow the current arrangements to continue

Scottish fishermen can gain an income through fishing in the seas of other EU
member states.
Quotas which limit fish catching amounts and periods help fish stocks to recover
Less young fish will be caught because of increased…


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