Opposition in Russia before 1905 - reformist group table

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Aims Supporters Methods How Radical?
Believed that a working class Exclusive group Planning Very radical
revolution should take place Small, tight-knit Violent revolution
Social Democrats: ASAP No co-operation with Control from one leader
Bolsheviks Build a socialist society other parties (Lenin)
(SD's) immediately Expected to be dedicated Discipline
Overthrow the Tsar revolutionaries Avoid Mensheviks and
middle class as they will
slow the process
Follow the Marxist cycle Mass party Follow the whole of the Fairly radical
touching every stage Open to everyone Marxist cycle
Social Democrats: Wait for industrialisation Willing to co-operate with Sit and wait for capitalism
Mensheviks (50-100 years) then go other liberal parties, even to pass
(SD's) through capitalist stage the middle class Stop people messing with
Allowed real workers to the system
become members Work with other parties
Wipe out Tsarism Intelligentsia Propaganda: "going to the Very radical
Abolish government Some workers and people"
Social Revolutionaries Save serfs from the effects peasants Live with the peasantry
(SR's) of the Emancipation act Cut off family ties
Put all faith in science
Wanted a constitutional Largest liberal party Not as violent Neither radical nor
monarch Slightly radical Campaign moderate. But more
Liberals: Allow national minorities to Professionals ­ Underground work radical than the
Kadets have independence ­ break entrepreneurs, smaller Win election to parliament Octobrists
up empire land owners Advise the Tsar
Full democracy Respect law
No further political change Big landowners Campaign not as violent Not radical
after the October manifesto Big businesses Respect law
Liberals: Support Russian empire Very wealthy Win election to parliament
Octobrists Monarchists


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