oppertunities on the coast

a general overview of potential opertunities found on the coast

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In what ways can coastal environments be a valuable economic and environmental
Power- renewable energy (tidal/wind/wave) provides jobs in construction and
mainatainance. Non renewable energy (oil/gas offshore) coastal towns closest to
the reserves recieve and process fuels (Aberdeen)
Industry ­ fishing, services such as lige guarding generated by tourism. Tourism
generate other jobs in accomination, enterainment, restaurants and retail.
Services- tourism provides retail, restaurants, accomination.
Settlement- climate- sea regulates climate (less extreme) increases potential for
agriculture due to regular precipitation. Trade presence of ports and harbours
allows for easier access to trade routes. Relief often flatter on the coast allowing
for easier settlement like in Japan.
Mining- dredgeing used for construction industry
Agriculture- flatter relief, eliable rain, regular climate.
Toursim- beaches, sceneary, coastal walks all create need for accomination, retail,
restaurants and entertainment which provide further jobs.
Transport- ferries, roads needed for tourism industry and settlements


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