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Operations Management
Information Technology ­ Text Book
Importance of Information
The ability to manage information plays a crucial part in business success. Successful
organisations understand their customers and their own activities. They keep up to date
with market chances, anticipate future developments and keep stakeholders well
informed. By comparison unsuccessful…

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reorder supplies. With good IT links between a firm and its suppliers it is much
easier to adopt a JIT system.

Information Technology and Planning
Rapid developments in IT have enabled firms to process data much more quickly and
much more cheaply than in the past. This enables quicker and…

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ways of managing their operations e.g. in terms of purchasing, producing and distributing
their goods and services. The importance of information can be seen by the fact that
several organisations have appointed `knowledge managers' to manage the way
information is gathered and distributed throughout the organisation. IT can play an…

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While the Internet offers firms new promotional and distribution opportunities it also
provides customers with the ability to rapidly search for alternatives and easily compare
prices. This is likely to put downward pressure on firm's profit margins.

The impact on the Internet on a particular business will depend on how…




This is 4 detailed pages on the issues for businesses of using IT. The standard of writing is high and it can be used as full notes for AQA unit 3.

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