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Operant Conditioning
-Taking away
something Punishment
Positive Reinforcement unpleasant for
desired behaviour. - The effect of
-the effect of increasing
decreasing the
the frequency of
frequency of a
behaviour by using
behaviour by using
consequences that are
consequences that are
pleasant when they
un pleasant when they
Reinforcement -Weakens Behaviour
Behaviour - The effect of - Taking away of
increasing the something pleasant,
- Giving rewards for
frequency of a giving something
desired behaviour.
behaviour by using unpleasant for
consequences that are undesired behaviour.…read more

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Primary Reinforcement
The effect of
strengthening a response
By satisfying a need, like
hunger and thirst
Secondary Reinforcement
The effect of strengthening a
response through association
Using money, because you
associate that with satisfaction of
needs like providing foods…read more

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Schedules of reinforcement
- The varying of how many responses they had to perform before receiving
reinforcement. - If reward given every time desired behaviour performed, this is
called continuous reinforcement.
- If a reward given sometimes for desire behaviour, that is called partial
Fixed Variable Provides
Interval Interval reinforcement at
reinforcement at
timed intervals, the
regular times.
gap varies around
an average.
Fixed Ratio
Variable Ratio
is related to the
after several
number of
made, the exact
number varies
around an
average.…read more


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