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Some really short notes summarising the first 6 poems of section H of Opening Lines

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Contrast of propaganda and reality of war
Lies of recruiters
War = hell
Futility of war
Imminent death
Honesty of soldiers
Truth comes at a price
"Lads, you're wanted" meaning changes every time
Joining the Colours
Certain death
So young
Lost potential
Enjambement ­ jolting the happiness of the celebration sending them off with reality
Families left behind
the Target
Universalised, could be any of them
This is an every day event
Futility of war
Enjambement ­ uncomfortable, his guilt
Solving finality of death
Indifferent God ­ worse than no God
Anger, despair
Who felt it worse? Him or the German
Potential human cost
Families worrying at home
the Send-Off
Face of courage
Going off to their funeral
Going to war = leaving normality behind
Ashamed of what's happening in the war
Human fragility
Few will return
Personification = absence of human noise
Sinister, claustrophobic atmosphere

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Spring Offensive
Starts tranquil, contrast to later violence
Violent nature
Earth like the families they've left
Heaven becomes hell
Soldiers come back ashamed, injured, diminished
They have to become `inhuman' to survive
Starts with the calm before the storm
Their time is up
Don't know what to expect
Turning away from nature
Enjambement to emphasise
Guilty they survived when others didn't
Rhyming couplets emphasise tension
the Bohemians
Only one stanza, 2 sentences war is disorderly, bohemians aren't conventional
Earning promotions won't prevent death
Poet satirizes…read more


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